Sigma Lip Switch Holographic Lip Gloss Review


There are some beauty products that are so good, we fight to find the words to properly convey their magic. Such is the situation with Sigma’s Lip Switch holographic lip glosses, which pretty much affected our brains to short-circuit the second we laid eyes on their fascinating, light-catching contents. In case you think we’re just talking about consistent shimmer or glitter here, we’re not; the Lip Switch glosses resemble minute galaxies in tubes. Let that one sink in for a moment.


There are total five shades in total: Flip-Flop (orange holographic), Double Whammy (green as well as lavender duo chrome), Pink Lotus (prismatic pink), and Other Worldly (frosty green), and Transient (purple opalescence). You can either one wear them alone or layer them over your current shades for an even more intense effect. If you’ve ever tried special effects glosses before, you be familiar with that what you see in the tube occasionally doesn’t translate to skin. That’s not at all the case with the Sigma’s version; the formula appears as intense on lips as it does swirling around in its clear packaging. It’s got a trivial, non-sticky feel that’s so comfortable you’ll forget it’s there at all — until everyone starts asking what on earth you’re wearing.

Sigma Lip Switch Holographic Lip Gloss Review

Be enough to say we’re thoroughly obsessed, which is why we were so enthusiastic to find out that the brand is about to make these even more appealing. Currently, you can find all of the shades on their website for $14 each, but come November 14th, the company is pushing them together in a set. For those who can’t choose a shade (same), you can grab all five, full-sized tubes for $34. Out of this world? Pretty much.


These glosses are certainly glossy in every sense of the word, but not like the sticky Juicy Tubes of yesteryear, these feel more like lip oils than the super glue, meaning they won’t weigh up your lips down or attract lint and fuzz alike sticky paper. Also, they odor like sugary cupcakes—or, to get specific, “funfetti cake with the vanilla frosting,” says one editor—which is somewhat we can all get behind.

Sigma Lip Switch Holographic Lip Gloss Review

Inappropriately, you won’t get the same holographic effect you can see in pictures unless you completely glob the formula onto your lips, which is completely uncomfortable and not realistic for real life (though it looks hella cool in the pictures). Still, if you’re looking for a hydrating lip gloss with a load of Instagram appeal, then try out these lip glosses ASAP, and acquire transported back to a simpler, shinier time.


This week, one of our editors recollected this gloss came out numerous years ago and thought it might have been Sigma’s inspiration. Little did we be familiar with, the Lip Switches have been around since 2014. Good news: It’s still about and is launching online any day now. The 3-D-effect gloss comes in six shades that are as adjacent to the sold-out Sigma Lip Switch selection as you’re going to get.

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