Flower Color Proof Long-Wear Lip Creme Swatches


It is a new creamy lip color with a satin texture that launched for spring 2016 in five shade collections. These caught my eye since they seemed like a nice pause from the matte liquid lipsticks we keep seeing each single brand launch. I’m not actually all that into stains but soft, pigmented stains sounded like a stimulating switch up from all the matte.

Flower Color Proof Long-Wear Lip Creme (0.42 oz.) come retained in a squeeze tube with an involved slanted sponge applicator for application. Numerous of the newer Flower launches come in slick, black packaging, however, these come in the standard white Flower wrapping with Flower’s rose gold emblem adorning the front. You have to crush the tube to get the product rolling into the applicator. I’ve only had these a week, but it appears the product has a knack for separating so a shakeup is essential less you end up with an oily parted mess of lip color.

Flower Color Proof Long-Wear Lip Creme Swatches

I discover the formula more matte than satin with a thick, dry smoother consistency which applies simply enough but ends up seeing very old, tired, and dry on my lips. Both shades I tried delivered outstanding opaque color but, inappropriately, that falls rather badly into my natural lip lines and provides the color a very dry presence. To me, overall, the method felt like an old lipstick that I hadn’t used in a year or else two that dried out. The wear time is very good at five hours but all through that wear, my lips felt very dry. I will say that the hue never migrated or feathered during the wear. I observed no fragrance or flavor so sensitive consumers should be fine.

Flower Color Proof Long-wear Lip Creme are unluckily a little too dry for this Muse. Even though not matte, this formula has the reliability of one and tends to look very dry and weary on my already drier lips. I like the idea of these well than I did the actual formula sadly.

Flower Color Proof Long-Wear Lip Creme Swatches

This Friday’s Lip Crème review rejoices the launch of Drew Barrymore’s latest cosmetic attempt, FLOWER Color Proof Long-Wear Lip Crème. The lips sense hydrated, as the enduring color doesn’t disappear or feather, which is why the cosmetics are this Friday’s favorite beauty product of the week.

TGIF attractive and welcome to this Friday’s Favorite beauty product of the week from Ask the Pro Stylist! I have been a minute lazy in keeping up with my weekly beauty as well as hair posts, apologies, but the assurance to step up my game for those who relish stopping by. A few Friday’s back I reviewed the different mascara in Drew Barrymore’s FLOWER line. Two beauty products I cannot fix without are mascara as well as lip-anything. For me, they are like shoes to shoe fans. I have a huge gathering of lip products and mascara, so I couldn’t delay sampling this Friday’s favorite beauty product of the week, FLOWER Color Resistant Long-Wear Lip Crème.

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