Ariana Grande Makeup Look


Ariana Grande has her signature magnificence look down pat: a gravity-defying ponytail hair-sprayed to excellence; a perfectly flicked cat eye; and long, lush lashes. Her makeup artist Daniel Chinchilla reveal all his secrets for generating the latter. Whether you’re a strip-lash follower or just want to give your everyday mascara routine an Ari-inspired refresh, you’ll discover lots of expert tips ahead.


The key to dense lashes that stay curled all day? Chinchilla speaks it’s all about the technique. The first thing he does is curl the lashes, teaching his clients to look down in its place of straight ahead, to avoid accidentally pinching the eyelid. Next, put on mascara, wait for one to two minutes for the formula to dry, curl again… then smear another coat of mascara. Yes, actually. The key to avoiding clumping? Picking the correct mascara for each step. He says to try a thickening mascara, similar to MAC’s Haute and Naughty ($22), which he says he applies on Grande all the time: “She loves doing full, full lashes, as well as this mascara, is good if you like a lot of volumes!”


When we asked tips for those with stick-straight lashes, he says that inappropriately there’s not too much you can do beyond curling the heck out of them. You can, though, fake a curl by simply adding a few individual lashes to the outer corners of your eye.

While discussing Ariana’s signature cat eye, he said: “A lot of girls try to put on their eye liner all in one swipe!”  “But it’s good if you do little strokes — look at it like a portrait, you won’t mess up that mode, and if you do, it will be cool to correct it doing it that way as you are doing little tiny lines.” He carries on “Keep it close to the eyelashes, because you’ll be able to regulate the thickness of it. Start off actually thin and build it from there as divergent to one thick line that you can’t actually correct afterward.”


Daniel reveals the wing part which everyone dying to know “The wing is certainly something I tell people you have to practice with. It’s not somewhat you will get right away as there is a certain method to it and it can be a little tricky particularly for the people who aren’t very steady handed.”

He trained to “Start with a pencil. That is going to be the coolest way to get started with the wing. If you jump into the cat eye with a cream or else a liquid it is going to be a disaster because it’s tougher to deal with, even for the steadiest handed person. A pencil permits for a little more room for mistake. Start at the end of eye and wing up on the way to the end of the eyebrow to lift the eye up; generate the line of the wing from the end of the eye towards the eyebrow and then get it inward.”

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