Tips from Makeup Guru

One of the things that must be considered while going somewhere is to wear some makeup to make you look good. No one wants to look ugly or someone who is hated by everyone. Being admired by other gives a pleasurable feeling that is immeasurable. To reach the level of happiness you need to take care of yourself for not only makeup but also your overall look. Beauty is not only when you wear makeup and other accessories, but it should be in a way to express itself not only with makeup but also without makeup.

We see many articles focused on general makeup things ignoring the least aspects that count a lot. This article is different as it focuses on those little factors that add to your beauty. To make you more beautiful and attractive in a natural way and with the makeup we have collected tips from some of the famous gurus, have a look. You can add improvement to your makeup ways by following these tips.


Bethany Mota is among famous YouTube makeup gurus and has the favorite trick to customize base without any need to tote many products. The recommended by is to mix up the liquid foundation with some face moisturizer. This moisturizer must contain SPF for creating homemade tinted-moisturizer.  This makes an effective mixture and protects skin from sun by providing extra coverage. You will feel lighter than wearing full on liquid moisturizer or foundation.


Eyelashes are also considered to be important whenever you do makeup. Although there needs to be nothing to be applied on them else mascara but still these need to be handled as well. Joe chose tells about a resourceful method to try with eyelashes. To curl, your eyelashes use the spoon. For this, you need to place lashes between thumb`s flat part and spoon`s sharp edge. Now pull lashes upward slowly with somewhat tension. This is the same as when ribbons are curled with scissors.


Mastering multi-use products give a prettier look and also save time & money. Having a fuchsia cheek-color pops up cheeks and lips and makes you more attractive. No matter you are dark or fair skin colored, pink color works for all. Choose an opaque, creamy goldfish color for brighten up your face. This should be mixed with moisturizer of some kind and should then be blended on the cheeks.


It is the trickiest eye product to apply. But it cannot be easily done as you have to practice before you apply it to any event. Doing it rightly create chic-eye makeup. This looks smooth, neat and attractive as compared to eye pencils. Making your eyes more prominent it does not fade away like other liners.


Coordinating lip color with cheeks gives a smooth and uniform look in a natural way irrespective of the shade used. Use of lip crayons as blush is recommended by makeup guru Hannah Murrey. It looks so good and elegant that your face glows. Selecting the right blush-on and lip color also matters as per the event you are going to attend. Whether casual or event based, makeup must be done such that it seems to be natural.