Ten Makeup Instructions to Look Beautiful

Most of us ladies use makeup at some point in our lives. Heavy makeup with all the works – foundation, concealer, eyeliner etc. or simple day makeup consisting of eyeliner and a dab of lip gloss. Either way we use it and we want to look good using it! Now that’s easy to say and we can look at celebrities and admire their flawless makeup but when we get in front of that mirror the results are far from flawless! Don’t lose hope especially if you’re new at makeup or are looking for ways to improve your skills. Remember practice makes perfect…so make good use of that mirror as you use these tips and practise on friends as well. There are so many tips out there and from personal experiences we know that it can get very confusing. The following are basic steps to achieve that flawless look.


Number one and the most important is choosing the right makeup tools. Take time to choose the right tools and don’t be afraid of spending a little more money than you’d like to. Remember mediocre tools will give you mediocre results. So choose your brushes and applicators well. Equally as important is choosing good quality makeup. Your skin is precious and absorbs everything you apply so choose good quality makeup.



Next on my list is foundation. Foundation is pretty much the base of your makeup. It helps you achieve one skin tone and helps hide all those blemishes. To choose your true colour shade match it with your neck and not your face. Your face can deceive you and result in an unnatural shade.


We all tend to apply our foundation and face powder with upward strokes like we’re applying skin lotion. Ever notice how your facial hair stands up in a frizz when you do that? Try long smooth downward strokes. The foundation or face powder will flow with your hair growth and result in a smooth finish.


Our eyes are our biggest assets when it comes to make up. We can achieve a smokey sexy look or an innocent look depending on how we apply our eye makeup. Try a white pencil on the inner lower eyelid and you will achieve a wide eye look even if you have small eyes. Black eye pencil in the same place tends to result in making eyes look smaller.


White is still in! Apply a base of white eye pencil all over your eyelid before you apply eye shadow. Once you apply eyeshadow the colour will really pop out no matter how dull the colour was.


Mascara – the perfect creation in making our lashes look fuller and longer. For most of us the mascara smudges and goes exactly where it’s not supposed to! A great way to avoid this is to hold a plastic spoon under the lower eyelid while applying mascara and anything extra will go on the spoon and keep your face clean. A super tip if it does smudge is to dab on a little Vaseline or petroleum jelly and wipe off with a tissue. This will remove even the strongest waterproof mascara or eyeliner smudges.


Now let’s move lower and discuss blusher. Blusher adds colour to our faces and defines the cheekbones. If done right you can achieve a perfect look. Before applying blush identify the shape of your face. What will work on a round face will definitely not work well on a heart shaped face.


Another great tip for applying blush is to smile while applying it. Smiling will accentuate your face and you will identify exactly where your cheekbones are to achieve the look you want to.


Finally we move on to lips. Whether you have thin lips or fuller lips you can achieve sultry lips with the right lipstick shade and a little secret. Once you have applied lipstick dab a little gloss on the centre of your upper lip and again in the centre of the lower lip. This will help you achieve a fuller pout.


Tired of lipstick bleeding on to your teeth or sticking to your glass? Try placing a tissue on your lips once you’ve applied lipstick and using a brush dab a little powder on the tissue. This helps dry the lipstick and gives you longer hours before the next application. Don’t forget to always carry a tube of lipstick in your purse! It’s the quickest way to refresh your makeup.

Well this is it for today! Definitely not all the tips but this should be enough to help you make your makeup look flawless and natural.