Smoky Eye Makeup Tutorial For Winters


Whether you’ve got a big concert or else a fancy gala to attend, creating a smoky eye can add a minute of sophisticated drama to your look. Achieving the smoky eye is not limited to makeup friends as well as artists alike, but to anybody with the correct tools and a little know-how. Learn to apply classic and dramatic smoky eye with these easy steps.


Spread over your highlighter. Your highlighter is the brightest of your three eyeshadow shades. By means of your eyeshadow brush, dab it on the inside curve of your eyelid on both your upper and lower lids. Swish it directly under your eyebrows as well, from the start to the end of your brows.

silver glitter smokey eye makeup

Put on your intermediate shade. Take your middle eyeshadow shade as well as sweep it over your entire eyelid. Be sure to merge it at the inside corners with your highlighter, so that there isn’t a severe divide between the two colors. Rub on it upwards only to the natural crease of your lid, not all the way to the highlighter beneath your brows.



Begin adding your blackest color. Begin at the external corner of your eyes, and sweep in a ‘C’ shape from the around halfway inwards (from the external of your face) on the lash line, back up and around to nearly halfway inwards on the crumple of your eyelid.

The darkest part should every time be the point at the upper edge of your lash line. Every time you need to apply more of your dark shadow, start at this point and work inwards or up.

Don’t put on the shadow too far in. You need the inside ⅓-½ of your eyelid to not have any dark shadow. This will aid your eyes to look open and bright.

To insert a dramatic look to your classic smoky eye, sweep your dark eyeshadow to a point (extra of a “<” shape than a “C” shape) on the way to the end of your eyebrow. The darkest point still remains at the outside corner of your lash line.

Swing a little of your dark shadow under your eye onto your inferior lid.



Merge your shadows. Clean your eyeshadow brush. Then, use your brush to blend the colors together.

Start by blending the brightest colors. Make sure that your medium (lid) color does not have a harsh division with your dark (crease) color. Lightly move your brush in a “C” shape these two colors help them to form a smooth effect.

Blend the dark crumple shadow outwards towards your brow bone. It must fade softly into your skin, and should not meaningfully overlap your highlighter that has been sited under your eyebrows.


Add your eyeliner. To add more drama to your smoky eye, tight line your eyes.  Use your eyeliner to draw a line on the inner rim of your eyes, situated directly under your upper lashes and above your lower lashes. This can be problematic for some, as it involved using eyeliner very close to your eyeball. Tightline the inner rim of your lash line adjacent your tear duct by your nose with a white eyeliner pencil. This will aid your eyes to pop.


Add your mascara by wiggling your brush between your lashes to help define them. Apply a single coat to your bottom lashes to define them.

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