Skin Active Micellar Cleansing Water, Regular Review


Micellar waters are just gaining attractiveness as an alternative to the regular cleansers as well as makeup removers, and Garnier jumps on the fashion with its SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water. As it turns out, it’s a praiseworthy option that distributes on all its claims, meaning it certainly earns our highest rating. SkinActive Micellar Regular comes in a flexible bottle and its fluid, a watery formula is quite easy to dispense onto a cotton pad, similar to other micellar cleansers that have been reviewed. Before we acquire to the heart of this review, a note regarding the “micellar technology” Garnier services in this formula. Micellar technology is a technique to formulate a cleanser that contains how surfactants (which this and numerous other cleansers contain) combine with the water and interact with oils, similar to the “oil” our skin produces, to wash them away. Although the technology isn’t everything groundbreaking (though the marketing hype may create you think otherwise), the product itself it rather good for all skin kinds and is fragrance-free!

Skin Active Micellar Cleansing Water, Regular Review

It does clean much similar to any mild, well-formulated toner would. The alteration is that this removes (light) eye makeup much more simply. It states frequently on the bottle to escape getting this into your eyes but when it is wiped over closed lids, it did not annoy eyes the way most toner, as well as makeup removers, do. It left the skin feeling soft, clean as well as dry instead of tacky or oily. It makes the skin drier when we use this vs. regular cleansing with water as well as a mild cleanser. Giving it an extra star for affluence of use and mild formula.

Accurate to its claims, no harsh rubbing is desirable to cleanse the face; gentle circular motions by the help of your cotton pad are sufficient to distribute this across the face. The water-light liquid takes away oil, dirt, and most makeup (though not very water-resistant varieties) effectively with no remains left behind, deprived of leaving skin feeling dry or tight.

Skin Active Micellar Cleansing Water, Regular Review

One apprehension, because this contains the cleansing agent disodium cocoa mph diacetate, leaving it on the skin is just not a good idea. Cleansing agents break down makeup as well as oil and skin as well. We commend washing it off with a mild water-soluble cleanser and following up with your additional skincare products. If you have been wondering whether micellar waters are a choice to add to your skincare routine, Garnier’s SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water, Regular, is an excessive, inexpensive product to deliberate. The only thing that could have made this improved is the addition of soothing ingredients, as some of the costlier alternatives included (looking at you, Bioderma). Thanks a lot to its gentle, fragrance-free formula as well as effective performance, it’s a true drugstore find—even for the extra-sensitive skin.



Effectually removes dirt, oil, as well as non-waterproof makeup.


Doesn’t leave skin feeling dry or else tight.

Reasonably priced.



Probably none.

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