Sephora Ultra Shine Lip Gloss Review


Sephora Ultra Shine Lip Gel is supposed to be “inspired by gel nail polishes” with an “ultra-light” texture and hydrating formula ($14.00 for 0.11 fl. oz.). My skill with them is that they’re semi-opaque to mostly opaque with an insignificant translucency that provides them a squishy, jelly-like look. They’re frivolous, comfortable to wear, and typically non-sticky. I haven’t observed a taste, but there is a fragrant vanilla, almost caramel-like scent (it is a slight on the synthetic side, but I don’t notice the odor when I’m wearing it). In spite of having a smoother, mostly non-sticky feel, the formula has decent wear time (three to five hours) and is hydrating. All in all, it’s a nice formula that exceeds a lot of the more recently released new gloss formulas on the market and at a fraction of the cost. One thing to note, however, is despite seeming like rather a big tube of gloss, it contains only 0.11 fl. oz. It has hourglass-shaped applicator, where it is curved inversely and can fit the curve of the lip. I also wish Sephora would add actual color descriptions, especially to specify which shades have shimmer.

Sephora Ultra Shine Lip Gloss Review

Part of the appeal here was the $14 price tag since, on an instance, Sephora pricing is astonishingly high. I was mesmerized by the larger size and $14 buck price tag. A maximum-shine, creaming gloss starring a new generation of “multi-holographic” shimmers, for flawless light reflection.

Props to Sephora for creating a really nice gloss. From the pigmentation to the formula, price and texture of every gloss I was pretty happy overall. I tried out two shades, Orange Juice and Fresh Peach both of which had the nice color payoff. I liked both shades both stand out as interesting ones to add to your collection mainly Orange Juice if you’re taking on the orange trend for spring.

The formula has a nice hydrating finish. The applicator is interesting and works relatively well at disturbing color and picking it up from the bottle to construct up easily on lips. The product has a planned finish with a bit of shimmer and excellent color pays off though it doesn’t have a crazy shiny, glossy look but more of a delicate hint of shine.

Sephora Ultra Shine Lip Gloss Review

The wear time is a bit disappointing and will only get you over a three hour period before melting away. But, I did notice it leaves behind a bit of a stain this occurred particularly with Orange Juice as it left my lips marked orange, this is great if you’re not one for touch up. Those looking for a glossy with a shimmery finish with good coloration and a variety of colors (Sephora has a nice range of shades available in shimmery finishes that aren’t done).

Generally, Sephora Ultra Shine Lip Gloss ascertains an interesting little gloss that I will indulge in more shades of. Though not nearly as shiny in finish as I favor my glosses, I still liked this none the less and supposed they performed pretty well particularly as I’m a tad bias when it comes to Sephora’s makeup selection

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