Rimmel Stay Glossy Lip-Gloss In Fuchsia Fever Review


In the store, this shade viewed like a straight-up crème, but it was only after it is taken to a home. The applicator is lovely. It’s flat as well as curved and unlike other applicators of this nature, this one doesn’t have as much curve to it, which allows for an extremely precise application. Love this applicator! And as you can see, this gloss aptitudes “up to 6 hours” of “last & shine”. It’s a quite vivid as well as bright shade, but once it’s on the lips it does tone down a bit:

Pigmentation and opacity: Judging by the swatch on the arm, Fuchsia Forever was going to be tremendously opaque. Well if you look at the lips, it does have a nice level of opacity to it, it’s like an OCC Lip Tar or else anything that crazy. The pigmentation is nice as well–it’s a bright, brave fuchsia in the tube, as well as on the lips.

Rimmel stay glossy lip-gloss in Fuchsia fever review

Texture and shine: This is not a weighty gloss, nor is it a sticky gloss. It feels nice as well as creamy on the lips, with only a teeny tiny bit of gluiness. It is not an overly runny or slick. It can be classified as somewhere between a lightweight gloss as well as a medium-weight gloss. As far as shine level, it goes on with a standard amount of shine, but then the shine disappears rather quickly and leaves more of a matte finish behind. A few times, however, wearing this, the shine was gone in under 30 minutes. For somewhat called “Stay Glossy” it was just hoping that the shine would stick around longer.

Fragrance and flavor: You’re either going to love it or else hate it. To my nose, this smells category of like roses and plastic. The flavor sort of tastes similar to roses and plastic as well, but everyone’s has different taste.

Staying power: For a gloss that says “up to 6 hours” of “last and shines”, it is expecting a good three hours or so. The shine as well as color fade after about an hour for many women, and this gloss tends to fade from the inside of lips outward, leaving a ring of color around the lips as it disappears.

Rimmel stay glossy lip-gloss in Fuchsia fever review

Final verdict: The nature of this particular shade is not known but it is sad to be said that many women lips did not “stay glossy” for more than 30 minutes to an hour afterward application of this gloss. Many consumers wore it over a dozen times and cannot get it to last longer than an hour, even during those times in the day when they not eating or drinking anything. So if you don’t go into it discerning this is going to a long-wear lip gloss with lots of shine, then you might not be dissatisfied with Fuchsia Fever. The color is gorgeous, the texture is quite lovely and loves the applicator. No one can get past the fragrance and flavor, and the price is surely a selling point at $4.99.

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