NaturStyle Permanent Hair Colourant Review


Twenty female testers of all the ages that haven’t coloured their hair in the last four weeks and are desiring to color their hair at home.

Beauty heaven says:

With a surge of new products entering the at-home hair color market, it’s easier to attain a salon result in the ease of your own home. The object that sets NaturStyle Permanent Hair Color separately from other at-home hair colors is that it’s free from ammonia, parables, as well as resorcinol and features a gentle formula, rich in vigorous vegetable ingredients. The colorant comprises a nourishing blend of oats, soy, wheat, corn, and coconut to disclose strong, healthy hair that is more receptive to hair color.

NaturStyle Permanent Hair Colourant Review

Of the Trial Team members testing the NaturStyle Permanent Hair Colorant, each member agreed that the formula didn’t have the regular harsh, chemical smell that others comprise. In fact, majority of testers agreed that the herbal scent was rather pleasant on the nose and they adored the fact that the formula was ammonia, parable, as well as resorption-free. While one or two members found their scalp was discolored through the coloring process, the massive majority of trailers stated that the product was easy to mix and upfront to use. They also found that the formula didn’t drip, their hair was left watching vibrant and shiny, and that 100 per cent of greys were protected. Some testers that described experiencing some irritation when spending other hair colorants stated that they felt no frustration whatsoever when utilizing the NaturStyle Hair Color. Numerous members commented on the fact that the wrapping of the colorant wasn’t their favorite or else the best representation of the product inside, but decide that after trying it, wouldn’t allow it deter them from re-purchasing the product in the forthcoming.

NaturStyle Permanent Hair Colourant Review

Some common reviews are as follows

“I am a little skeptical when it comes to home dyes, but after analysis the ingredients I was captivated! No ammonia as well as harmful chemicals, so I decided to provide it a go. I actually liked it! There wasn’t a very overwhelming smell, which was a plus – and the applicator create it really easy to use. No mess. My hair color is very vivacious and it protected my blonde roots nicely.” –Miss_Bella_Boo

“I had no annoyance on my scalp while waiting for the color to develop. I was rather pleased with the end result, it was a slight darker then I had pictured it to be but I was happy with the consequences. It left a nice golden tone that returns in the light. Overall [I am] quite happy with the results and I will very luckily purchase again.” – JessicaMaree


“I need to mention that usually when I dye my hair I feel annoyance on my scalp, but when I used this I did not sense any irritation or uneasiness. It feels very mild on my sensitive scalp. I used this hair dye a few days ago and I have washed my hair many times, but I did not notice any color disappearing. My hair color is still vibrant as well as rich, I hope that this hair color will be long-lasting and my hair will not get dull.” – Brown Beauty

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