Mehndi and Fashion for Eid

Eid is the biggest Islamic festival that Muslims celebrate twice a year worldwide. Along with other preparations, girls spend their time days before the Eid day in searching for mehndi designs. They want to put on a design that is unique and none of their cousins or friends has made it. I have read many articles where different styles for Eid have been described. But these designs become outdated as time passes so to get advanced mehndi designs is important for girls who want to give a unique yet beautiful look to their hand and feet. Mehndi is an important part of culture & tradition of Muslims.


Among Muslim countries Pakistani mehndi designs are considered to be unique and flawless because of their beauty and creativity. The trend also changes as per years fashion needs. As far as year 2015 is concerned, Arabic designs are considered the hot favorite. These designs have such variety that you can even create new designs from a combination of 3 or 4 of these designs. The designs shared here can be utilized equally by salon mehndi workers and also by other girls who do mehndi designs themselves. There are a few months for Eid to come and so you can practice the designs I am sharing to get the expert in drawing these mehndi designs and also create new designs themselves.

Mehndi designs are divided into following sections to help you check out designs for your concern. Check out these latest designs;







You can see a variety of mehndi designs for hands. These designs can make your hands look wonderful and elegant. These designs are flexible in a way that you can change them or add or remove patterns as per your desire. Empty hands on Eid gives an impression of sorrow, so don’t let other think that you are sad and spread out happiness with these designs.


Mehndi is applied not only to hands but also to feet. Although this is considered to be perfect for brides but still young girls love to wear it as well. These designs vary from single strips, flowers to those filled and netted. The best one is a single strip of a single circular flower in the center of feet on its above side.


Easy mehndi Design for Kids hands

Easy mehndi Design for Kids hands

Girls of less age are always keen to get their hands filled with mehndi. If you refuse to do so for them, they try it themselves. It is not difficult to put mehndi on those small yet cute hands and to make them happy. The main problem with small girls is that they cannot hold mehndi for many hours. The best way is to make use of glitters after applying mehndi to those cute hands. These glitters work equally for hand and feet. And can be applied to girls of all ages to make them look more beautiful. Try these designs and make your Eid more colorful with the use of glitters of various colors.