Magnetic Eyelashes with Eyeliner, No-Glue Natural Lashes Kit with Tweezers, 10-Pairs Reusable and Natural Falling Mink Magnetic Eyelashes Kit with 2 Tubes of Magnetic Eyeliner

Price: $18.99 - $16.94
(as of Sep 26,2021 14:58:08 UTC – Details)

Product Description

eyelashes natural lookeyelashes natural look

magnetic eyelashes kitmagnetic eyelashes kit

lashes pack

lashes pack

false eyelashes

false eyelashes

magnetic eyelashes with eyeliner

magnetic eyelashes with eyeliner

5D Natural Mink Hair

Comfortable: Made of Natural mink hair, soften and light.

Natural: Adopting 5D visual effect to design the lashes’ distribution, making eyelashes look much livelike.

2020 Updated Eyeliner Formula

Safe: All ingredients in eyelashes and eyeliners are strictly picked up by obeying international standards of cosmetic,and meet the standards of FDA, no glue and anti-allergic.

Durable and Smooth: Eyeliner is made from updated Formula,and mixed with upgraded ultra-fine magnetic particles, have strong magnetic adsorbability

Fit for Different Occasions

1. There are 10 pairs of different 5D eyelashes: you can always find 1 pairs that fit you makeup styles, no matter in formal or informal occasions.

2. Much easy to apply and remove: even though your are make up beginner, you can master the wear method quickly.

false eyelashesfalse eyelashes

magnetic eyelashes natural lookmagnetic eyelashes natural look

Why Choose Our Rose Abbey Magnetic Eyelashes:

1. The raw materials are superior and natural mink hair ,which are Naturally shedding from mink, much soften and livelike.

1. Ten pairs of magnetic eyelashes in different styles, and each pair are strictly filtrated more than three times to keep its lashes’ quality.

3. Adopting 5D visual effect to design the lashes’ distribution, so each pair of eyelashes is three-dimensional

Why Not Other Traditional or Magnetic Eyelashes:

1. Raw materials are cheap synthetics, usually make people feel rough and uncomfortable.

2. Still manufacture eyelashes by traditional pure handmade, lashes are maldistribution and unnatural.

3. Old eyelashes styles, also the manufacturing progresses are much rough and much inferior or fails are sold to consumer directly, no strict quality control progress.

false eyelashesfalse eyelashes

【10-Pairs Natural Mink Eyelashes 】There are 10-pairs magnetic eyelashes in natural look, and all Rose Abbey magnetic eyelashes are made of naturally shedding mink, which are 100% close to human eyelashes, perfectly mix together with your own natural lashes and make you feel comfortable in whole day.
【Easy to Apply】Unlike traditional false eyelashes, Rose Abbey magnetic eyelashes natural look are much easy to apply. There is no need any special makeup skills, and even through you are a makeup beginner, it is easy for you to have a delicate and natural eyes look.
【Safe and Light to All Skin Types】The magnetic eyeliners our lashes pack equipped with are made from upgraded ultra-fine magnetic particles and other ingredients that strictly meet Food and Drug Administration standards. So, not only the lashes natural look, but also our magnetic eyeliner are in the highest quality, safe, light, and anti-allergic, suitable for all kinds of skin types.
【Value Pack with 5D Visual Design】Our eyelashes distribution obeys 5D visual effect, which can adjust your eyes frame and adorn your eyes much better than traditional fake eyelashes or some inferior magnetic eyelashes.
【Hug Your Beauty without Burden】Soft texture of eyelashes instantly match your eyes frame , brightening the look in your eyes without the burden of deliberateness, and upgraded eyeliner create a smooth and delicate feeling, non-glue and anti-allergic. Other features like waterproof, sweat-proof, anti-wind, reusable, and strong magnetic adsorbability also make you at ease.

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