Lancôme Rouge And Maybelline Review


Lancôme Rouge in Love 159B Lipstick Review

A high-potency lip color that lasts up to six hours. This glowing lip color lasts for hours, has the appearance of a brilliant gloss but supplies the comfort and soothing qualities of a balm. Considered by mood, the collection includes: “Jolis Matins” or else “pretty morning,” a variety of ready-to-wear, fresh day shades that enhance brilliance to the lips due to the valuable mother-of-pearls; “Boudoir Time,” trendy, evening-appropriate “it” shades that provide color to the lips thanks to the intense contrasted mother-of-pearls; as well as “Tonight is My Night,” sophisticated, intense shades to give depth to lips for a deep lacquered and luminous color generated by gold mother-of-pearl. This product delivers medium to full exposure and high color pay-off. Long-wearing color is expressed with a new generation of polymer. Shiny silicone generates brilliance of a gloss.  Shades can be recognized by a letter in the shade number that signifies each of the three categories: “Jolis Matins” shades are known with the letter M, “Bourdoir Time” shades are recognized with the letter B, and “Tonight is My Night” shades are recognized with the letter N in the shade number.

Lancôme Rouge And Maybelline Review

Bullet: The bullet interior has superb pigmentation. The shade 159B is a soft red color, which is flawless for both daytime and evening wear as well. It is a wonderful springtime shade which directly brightens up any face. The lipstick has a lovely rose fragrance, which vanishes after a few minutes.

Staying Power:  It persists for 5-6 hours without meals. Since it is a usual shade, it does not stain the lips. On taking some snacks, it does get wiped off. A full meal does not wipe it off, it leaves a very mild stain behind. It does transfer onto cups, but only very slightly.


Pros of Lancôme Rouge:

Fine packaging.

Rose-like fragrance does not stay long.

A nice day wear/light evening wear soft red shade.

The softer formula of a profound shade.

Good pigmentation.

Moisturizes and hydrates the lips.

Does not settle into fine lines.

Does not bleed.

Gives a soft sheen to the lips.

Does not calm into lip lines.

Lasts for 5-6 hours, without food.

Does not transfer much.

Leaves a pretty shade.

Lancôme Rouge And Maybelline Review

Cons of Lancôme Rouge:


Restricted availability in India.

The color goes off with the food.

Shades cannot be determined due to the opaque packaging.


Maybelline Super Stay 14 Hour Lipstick

One might assume more from a product with as determined by long-wear claims as this lip color. The shade made it over breakfast in our lab analysis, but it didn’t hold up as well afterward six hours, and customer testers said they felt the requirement to reapply after three hours. “I liked how light it sensed on my lips,” one volunteer said, and others admired the lipstick for its color, “shimmer,” and “creaminess,” but numerous complained that the formula was “drying,” and bleached too fast.





Customer testers complained that it dehydrated out their lips

Did not last as long as its 14-hour advertising claim

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