I Love Trying-out Funky Lip Colors

This is the time to change your way of thinking and also your way of presenting yourself. Board of routine work, going to hang out with friends, a picnic, party, festival, or any event, you need some change. Among most important things for girls to wear, lipstick is one. Being a girl my make up cannot be considered complete without lipstick. I want to try new things that can make me look unique in an elegant way. If you have the same thought go on with this article. Lipstick is one the things that I am always conscious about. Regularly we use colors like pink, magenta, red, brown or similar. Why not try out some amazing lip color that suits not only the dress you would be wearing but also the event you would be going for. As far as I am concerned I always try to look out for lipstick colors that girls normally don’t wear and believe me these add to my beauty… so could be the case for you if you follow me. Colors like smoky teal and bright yellow are not commonly used ones. Unexpected lip colors make any female look more interested in a unique way. If you want to try varying lip appliances try out some following violent lip packages. Here I am describing some of the funkiest lip colors that I have tried myself; checkout;


This is one of a unique lip colors I have ever tried. A way of self-expression this gives perfect pattern to your lips that last for longer hours than casual colors. This innovative cheetah theme will keep color and print on lips for 4-8 hours. It is vitamin enhanced lip color that gives smooth feeling and glossy finish. These appliques can be easily applied to all sized lips.


This funky color and many other colors like it are for those who want to give a more patriotic look with an extreme feeling of self-expression. It keeps the lips of you patterned in a patterned way that cannot be found easily. You can thus take a lead over your competitors for being extra patriotic for your country. Similar to this you can also try flags of other countries like that of UAE, US, South Africa etc. Express your love for your country on country events by wearing this patriotic colored lipstick.


This is the most colorful lip print I tried out for spring festival. Can`t express how it looked and how it added to my fresh look. You should also try this out as this is summer now and events are being organized here and there. Welcome summer with this rainbow finish and make you look different. CANDY DOTS

Whenever I feel naughty, I wear this color. This makes the perfect combination for out of house parties. If you going to some beach party, this funky color are definitely going to make you super cool.