How to Make Your Skin Look Perfect on a Party with Makeup

I love going out on parties. I am a social animal, and I actually love to go all types of parties; whether they are corporate ones, with friends, with my partner or with family. I love dressing up and more than that, I love to apply all sorts of makeup and experimenting with my look every time. A perfectly applied makeup can actually make you look really, really good. It not only enhances your features but gives you an overall glamorous and stylish look as well. It is really important for every woman on the planet to invest in good makeup products and lean how to apply them correctly.

Make Your Skin Look Perfect

Cleanse your Face

For having a flawless skin and an ultimate perfect makeup look, you should make it a ritual to cleanse your face every time. Simply wash your face with mild soap and water and use a good cleanser for getting rid of any type of residue present on your face.


Then comes the second most important step: moisturizing! Use a good quality moisturizer for giving your skin a soft and supple look. In this way all the natural oils which may get lost during the cleansing process are restored.


There is almost every type of primer available in the market. You can get one for lips, another for eyes and then again another one for your face. You should definitely invest in a primer for your skin. You should definitely invest in one which is in accordance with your skin type. My personal favorite is Smashbox. All you have to do is apply the primer on your face and neck evenly.


A foundation is rightly named so as it actually provides your makeup with a firm start by hiding all the faults properly. If you are not sure which foundation goes with your skin color, then visit your nearest drug store or even a Sephora outlet for getting guidance. You can apply the foundation on your skin and neck with your fingers or with a foundation brush. There are different types of foundations available in the market including powdered, liquid and creamy. I normally apply Nars liquid foundation and finish it off with Bare Minerals mineral foundation for my makeup to remain settled for a long time.


For making your skin look fresher and supple, contouring is an essential part of our makeup. You need to contour your face according to its shape and highlight it. You need to contour your nose, jaw, forehead, chin and neck.

My favorite contouring product is Cover Fix Contour Kit available on Sephora.

Blush On

The last step in applying a make up for a glowing skin is to apply a blush on. It is again important to apply blush on to your face according to its shape. Blush on kits are also available in different neutral colors. I personally like Bobbi Brown’s Cheek Palette.

Once you are done with making your skin look all soft, you can move ahead and put on eye makeup and lipstick for a complete made up look.