How to Cut and Treat your Hair at Home for the Elderly: A Step-by-Step Guide to pick the right kits and tips to cutting different Hair Styles for Men and Women at Home as a Senior

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Do you want to learn to cut your hair at home as a senior? keep reading…

This book is written to carve the niche in your hairstyling duties and enhance every aspect of the art. It has been ostentatiously garnished with easy-to-adhere procedures to guide you every step of the way. Hairstyling has over time been regarded as a craft ladened with bespoke ability and proficiency. While this may be factual on face value, on the flip side, however, haircutting can be done with little or no expertise. This is what this book in its entirety presents and it is intended to guide you, giving you great value for money.

In retrospect, haircutting has been a major challenge for most men and women to initiate themselves; this book explicitly delves into the procedures entailed in hairstyling from start to finish. It arms you with authentic techniques and strategies to cut your hair through its fundamental self-help approach. What this book covers is not just the nitty-gritty in hairstyling, but also an in-depth assessment of equipment used and the inherent methods to adopt to give your hair the desired beauty glint.

Throughout this book, you would learn to be versatile with styling tools and the loopholes to avoid when cutting your hair. Various hair terminologies have also been highlighted in this book and it is a great guide for both beginners and starters in the hairstyling industry. The Author has gone a great length to design a blueprint that bodes rightly for neophytes who are keen entreating themselves to a grand look. Take the time out to pick this book up and enjoy the amazing thrills to cutting your hair.

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