How To Apply Blush Properly


Blush helps create your beautiful face glow and look gorgeous. The application is just straightforward, though it’s important to escape overdoing the look. The following method will teach you how to apply blush properly.


Apply Blush

Select your blush type. The powder as well as gel blushes are good for oily skin; cream is best for normal to dry skin. Either type you choose, its shade should match your natural complexion, so try to pick one that reflects your color when you blush usually

Choose a color that will accent your prevailing best facial features and that won’t stand out too abundant. Bright red may not look great on a whitish person but can be terrific on a tanned brown skin tone. If you’re whitish, try a soft pink color or maybe even somewhat with a little tan and pink in it. Depending on your skin tone, it is suggested to select the right color of blush

Purchase good quality blush brushes. If you use a cheap brush, you’ll have a cheap result. Avoid makeshift items e.g. cotton wool balls or powder puffs as these do not work well with the stain in the blush.

Provide for a well-lit space when adding your blush then apply blush once you’ve applied all your other makeup.

If you’re using a powder, casually sweep a medium-sized fluffy brush through the blush and then tap it to eradicate any excess. If you’re using a cream or else gel, dab a little on your ring finger. Begin with just a little blush it’s easier to insert more to your face than to take off too much of it.

Do a fish face, and then apply the blush. This helps you to discover the apple of your cheeks. Don’t smile, that carry your cheeks up, and can make your blush too low.


Apply the blush to the middle of the apple on one side of your face, mixing the color along your cheekbone. If you’re using a cream, dot the color first, then use your makeup sponge to blend it in. For the most natural look, each time concentrate the color on the apples of your cheeks and blend well. Before blending, always dust off the additional to avoid excessively rosy cheeks.

Create strokes with the brush from your cheeks (towards your nose) to the side of your face (near your ears). Try not to create diagonal lines, as these won’t look natural but will risk being clown-like. Additional product can be blended toward the ear from the middle of the eye. Brush descendant at the end of blending, to permit the facial hairs to lie smoothly on your skin’s surface. If you unintentionally apply too much-powdered blush, cover it with luminous powder to tame the color. Additional cream can be blotted with a tissue. If you overcook it with a gel, wash it off and reapply carefully.

Repeat on your other cheek, taking care to match the settlement and color of the blush on both cheeks. The goal for symmetry. Dust your face with a luminous powder to set your new look. The translucent powder carries inner warmth into the cheeks.

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