Hairstyles are the important part of your dressing particularly for events. Girls Europe and other non Muslim countries can carry any hairstyles as compared to Islamic girls. For Islamic girls it is not that they cannot be fashionable, of-course they can. There are ways for them as well. One thing needs to be considered with Islamic festivals and that is the majority of Muslim girls wear dupatta along with their dresses. So there must be hairstyles for them as well, to make them look equally elegant as other girls. Even more beautiful because wearing dupatta adds to your beauty.

There are Muslim girls who also don’t wear dupatta as these are not that much strict about following their religion. If you are one, you can wear any hairstyle because you will not be facing any trouble regarding setting of what you wear on head. Here goes the style for you;

There are two types of major Islamic events Eid and wedding events. For both events girls want to look unique with the best expression of their beauty among other girls. Have a look at some if the pictures below which provide a look for various Islamic festivals` hairstyles. Here you can see the normally used hairstyles by both Islamic & Non Islamic girls.

If you cannot do it in this way, there are styles for you as well.

Have a look at these hairstyles. At first glance these seem to be typically for brides but it is not like that.

Here you can see the simple hair style with central mang. This type of hairstyle is most common one with which you can adjust your dupatta easily.

Here is another hairstyle which suits all face types. This is mostly the case if you are getting ready for some Eid party or wedding event.

Gorgeous hairstyles that will make you look innocent, simple and elegant. You can set this hairstyle with any type of jewelry. This is perfect for girls that strictly wear dupatta and cannot consider their look complete without dupatta.

This hairstyle is perfect for brides. On your wedding day you will look gorgeours with an expression of your hair as well. Beautifully colored hair with layered hairstyle make you look outstanding.