FANICEA Professional Special Effects SFX Makeup Kit with Wound Modeling Scar Wax, 12 Colors Face Body Paint Oil, 10 Purple Brushes, Spatula Tool, Black Stipple Sponge, Coagulated Blood

Price: $27.99 - $25.99
(as of Sep 26,2021 15:51:02 UTC – Details)

Excellent after-sales service:
We’re confident about the quality of our FANICEA professional special effects sfx makeup kit. If you have any question about our product or not satisfied with our product. Please feel free to contact us. We will try our best to solve your problems. Our most important mission is to satisfy customers and shop happily!

Package: One makeup wax(1.6 Oz) , one spatula tool, one coagulated blood (0.63Oz) , one black stipple sponge, 12 colors face paint oil 10 purple brushes.

How to Use:
Skin wax is better not to use your hands directly, because the hand is warm, the skin wax will become softer as it is pinched. If it is too soft, it will stick to your hands and not easy to shape. The correct method is to first use a skin wax knife to cut out the skin wax, pinch it slightly with your hands, and use a knife to shape the skin when the hardness is appropriate.

Skin wax is a special-effect make-up and plastic cosmetic. It is not recommended to cover tattoos. It can only be used for various special-effect outfits or film and television show makeup to cover eyebrows. It is not a daily skin care product such as general covering creams and creams.

Oil-based pigments will have oil droplets in a small part of the color when sealed, and will volatilize after opening, which will not affect the use.

🎃Safe & Non-Toxic Material: Our special effects makeup set are made of non-toxic material, skin-friendly, non-irritating, eco-friendly, can be applied directly to the skin. Do no harm to your skin. Safe to use and green.
🎃Release Your Imagination: With our professional special effects makeup set, you can blend colors to paint various colors and unique looks design on your skin. Water-resistant formular will last for a long time and always present vibrant colors. Let’s create unique and colorful paintings to shock your friends!
🎃Easy to Use: Our face paint oil is both wonderfully smudge resistant and easy to clean with soap and water. Also we use moldable yet firm wax. The wax is neither too hard nor too soft. Can be clearly integrated with skin color. Use the tool on the wax scraping, and then use discharge makeup clean water.
🎃Wide Occasions: Best for creating crazy looks, great trick to astonish and scare your friends. Perfect for Halloween party, cosplay, role play, haunted houses, carnivals, festival or TV program special effects, daily prank or any special makeup art. Idea for Halloween gift for your friends, kids and family.

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