Doefo Makeup Kit All in One Makeup Gift Set Makeup Essential Starter Kit Lip Gloss Blush Brush Eyeshadow Palette Highly Pigmented Cosmetic Palette

Price: $50.99
(as of Sep 25,2021 14:33:41 UTC – Details)

1. The primary makeup set made of high quality is fully equipped, easy to carry, safe and reliable.
2. Contains multi-color matt and glitter eye shadow, lip gloss, mascara, eye cream, makeup pen, concealer, etc., meeting your daily makeup needs.
3. Long-lasting color effect, soft and comfortable texture; equipped with high-quality brush, easy to create perfect makeup.
4. With high-quality ingredients and silky luster, they can last all day.
5. One set solves full face makeup, which is very suitable for holiday parties and daily makeup. It can also be used as Christmas gifts, wedding gifts, birthday gifts, etc..

Packing List:
Cosmetic Brush * 4
Eyebrow Pencil * 1
Mascara * 1
Lip Gloss * 3
Eye Shadow * 1
Lipstick * 15 Colour
BB Cream * 1
Contour Stick * 1
Lipstick * 4 Colour
Concealer * 3
Powder Puff * 1
Lip Balm * 1
Colorful Eye Pigment * 2
Foundation Make-up * 1
Eyebrow Cream * 1
Makeup Bag * 1
1. The primary makeup set made of high quality is fully equipped, easy to carry, safe and reliable.
2. Contains multi-color matt and glitter eye shadow, lip gloss, mascara, eye cream, makeup pen, concealer, etc., meeting your daily makeup needs.
3. Long-lasting color effect, soft and comfortable texture; equipped with high-quality brush, easy to create perfect makeup.
4. With high-quality ingredients and silky luster, they can last all day.
5. One set solves full face makeup, which is very suitable for holiday parties and daily makeup. It can also be used as Christmas gifts, wedding gifts, birthday gifts, etc..

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