Cordless Makeup Airbrush, Luxury Facial Oxygen Machine, Portable Serum Toner Nano Mist Sprayer Facial Mister Device, Ladys Gifts Skin Care Tool

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Product Description

Makeup Airbrush nobilityMakeup Airbrush nobility

airbrush makeup kitairbrush makeup kit

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Let’s experience the changes this makeup airbrush brings to you!

Cordless Airbrush Makeup Kit – Professional & Personal Use

Beauty in everyone

GX-P01 Makeup Airbrush brings new attempts on the makeup and skin care industry, and has received a lot of positive responses from many countries and regions.
This oxygen-enriched makeup airbrush uses mechanical high-pressure atomization to evenly crush the liquid into Nano molecules. Under the action of pressure, the active substances of the serum & toner can be better penetrated into the deepest skin layer, and the effect of skin care has been significantly improved. And also save doses.

Saving Time

Saving Doses

Promote Absorb

Cordless & Portable

cosmetics makeup kits

cosmetics makeup kits

airbrush foundation makeup

airbrush foundation makeup

professional makeup

professional makeup

airbrush cleaning

airbrush cleaning

Pour in Makeup Water

Using a mini compressor for foundation makeup may require some makeup skills to complete the operation. But for skin care, it will be a very easy to operate and efficient tool. Fill serum, toner, essential oil (water-soluble), spray directly on the skin, you will love it soon.

Adjust Atomization Amount

The maximum amount of atomization can be controlled by rotating the screw at the tail of the spray gun. Anticlockwise loosen the tail screw can increase the mist, and also will lengthen the keystroke travel of the Jet Button and vice versa. Please read the ‘quick start guide’ for more details.


Drop in serum, toner, water-based essential oil etc, you can use it to solve the problem of dehydrated, tired, tight, dull and other uncomfortable skin at any time. Leaving the skin feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Easy to Clean

After using a viscous liquid, it needs to be cleaned in time, and the daily cleaning can be completed by filling it with clean water and spray it.(If you use a high-concentration liquid, it is recommended to use it after dilution)

Portable – Skin Care Anytime, Anywhere

aerografo airbrush foundation makeup

aerografo airbrush foundation makeup

cordless airbrush

cordless airbrush

spray foundation makeup

spray foundation makeup

At Home

At Office

Go To Party

aerografos para pintar profesionalaerografos para pintar profesional

Friendly Tips

Facial oxygen machine will auto shut off after 1 min. This is because each facial skin care is about 1 minute, and the automatic shutdown design can avoid power waste caused by forgetting to shut down.
24h online service! If you have any problems or requests, please send Amazon Messages to us. Our support staff are very good at various operations of the product will be able to quickly give you the correct guidance and help.

【Constant Pressure Spray Makeup Airbrush & Easy Absorption】 – The nano mist of serum and toner quickly penetrates into the skin under the pressure of the makeup airbrush, with good absorption and less waste.
【Multi-purpose Airbrush Makeup & Portable】- Used with serum, toner, essential oil, milk for skin care spa or aromatherapy. With the airbrush foundation, make a beautiful airbrush foundation makeup.This makeup airbrush is cordless and portable, So you can use it at any time and anywhere.
【Whole Body Use Makeup Airbrush】 – Not only the skin on the face needs care, after bathing, use this airbrush with the serum/toner to give the whole body an spa, It helps you to keep the whole body skin moisturized and comfortable.
【Gift for Lover & Ladys Gifts】- This high-quality makeup airbrush kit is beautifully packaged, it will be a good gift for your lover and family. It allows you or your lover to enjoy the professional projects of the beauty salon at home.

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