Charme Princesse Permanent Makeup Machine Kit with 15pcs Cartridge Needles Eyeliner Eyebrow Ruler Practice Skin Ring Cup Microblading Supplies Pigments EK505

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Product Description

Charme PrincesseCharme Princesse

tattoo pentattoo pen

Tattoo Pen Features

AC: 110V/240V 2A
DC: 5V 2A
Stitches Per- Minute: 3V 8000r/min, 4V 12000r/min, 5V 16000r/min.
Stroke: 2.5 mm
Needle Protrusion: 0-4.5 mm
Gear: Tattoo Pen work with AC/DC Adapter with 3 speed control.


It provide 4 different modes for you selection, such as eyebrow, eyeliner, lip, you also can use this pen doing small tattoo.
The machine is for those who are ready to learn permanent eyebrow, eyeliner and lip counter make-up. this makeup pen will gives you a great experience.

What can the machine do




small tattoos


tattoo inktattoo ink

Charme Princesse Makeup Pigment

Made in the USA
100% new brand and high quality.
Bigger 15ml bottle in comparison to other brands with 10ml bottles.
Tattoo pigment is your professional permanent makeup material.
Ensuring the inks that you receive are the safest inks you can get.
The makeup tattoo ink colors more quickly and the colors keep more durable.
The vibrant color ensure both customer and artists satisfactory.

tattoo needlestattoo needles

This permanent makeup machine needle is used high-quality stainless steel,high quality available good user experience. And it adopts individual, disposable package to make sure the people’s health, avoid infection.
Round Liner: Used for fine lines and detailed work. The grouping is close together (tight) and in a round configuration for tight lines and detailed work.

eyebrow ruler

eyebrow ruler



travel case

travel case

Eyebrow Ruler

1. Tie it to your forehead to help you draw perfect eyebrows. You can simply detach it after drawing.

2. The design of disposable materials is more comfortable and hygienic.

3. A clear report allows you to accurately measure the length of the eyebrows and make symmetrical signs.

Tattoo Needles

Package Includ:

5 x1R cartridge needles

5 x 3R cartridge needles

5 x 5R cartridge needles

travel case

travel case with key, exclusive customization,special compartment, solid firm box structure.

Easy Use:Build-in control system,whether turn on/off or adjust speed, you don’t necessary additional pedal and power supply to operate
Exquisite Motor: This pen equip an 10W exquisite German motor, feature long-lasting work period and high working speed but low noise and stable
Appearance : Ergonomic design and exquisite appearance. Also you can adjust length of protrude needle with handle part
Package Includ: This kit include 1 pen kit( 1 x Eyebrow Tattoo Pen,1 x AC/DC Adaptor, 1 x connection line), 1 x Eyeliner, 15pcs cartridge needles(1rl, 3rl, 5rl each 5pcs), 2pcs microblading pigments , 5pcs practice skin and 10pcs ring ink cup etc. It is a very comprehensive permanent makeup machine for beginners.

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