Chanel Glossimer Review


Chanel’s popular Glossimer lip gloss line is an essential ingredient for some. Offering a wide selection of shades – from the neutrals to browns to reds and pinks, this gloss is sheer sufficient to wear alone or over other lipstick. For a nice rose or mauve that will complement almost any skin tone, try Glossimer in Blizzard. Snigger, a pinkish-brown neutral is the additional great choice. And don’t be intimidated by the Unity either – it goes on much brighter than it appears in the tube and makes for a stunning, glossy nude shade that can be worn year-round. If you’re a true splendor junkie, then you’ve likely used one (or two, or 10) of the Chanel Lèvres Scintillantes Glossimer lip glosses all over the years. The colors were gallant and sparkly, the formulas were slick, and we just sensed a little more luxe every time we swiped one on. Nowadays Chanel just stopped every single lip gloss in the line. But previously you freak out, you should know it’s for a great reason: somewhat better has come along.


Substituting the old formula is something called Rouge Coco—and it might only be the best lip gloss we’ve ever used. Accessible in 24 new shades and also three top coats (more on that in a second), the gloss is rich, pigmented, as well as more moisturizing than most lip balms. That’s thanks a lot to the coconut oil, peptides, as well as vitamin E in the formula—plus something called a “Hydraboost Complex” which retains lips soft and hydrated for hours. The mirror-like shine locks on to your lips and creates them seem noticeably bigger, all deprived of that tingly sensation (an awful feature of actual lip plumper’s). One swipe will last over your morning coffee just fine—but you might require a touch-up after a big meal.

The new glosses come with a new applicator, too. As the formula is quite thick and pigmented, you’ll have to apply it with more accuracy than say, the squeezy lip gloss you had in 2002. The larger felt applicator is shaped like a teardrop and somewhat curved, so it’s easy to drag across your bottom lip (use only the tip to cover your cupid’s bow). It’s not as small and pointy as the applicator on the old gloss formula, but it does aid lay the color down evenly and in just one swipe.


But maybe the coolest new feature is the three analogous limited edition top coats. The darkest shade, Caviar, is a sheer black formula that darkens any lip color you apply underneath. The orange-red shade Impulsion enhances warmth to a lip color with too much blue in it, and the shimmery gold Excitation lightens as well as brightens. The gloss top coats are pretty sufficient to wear on their own, but once you start layering them you’re going to reduce deep into a painterly rabbit hole. After all, lip gloss should be integrally fun.

Chanel Rouge Coco Lip Gloss, $30 each.

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