Buxom Full-On Lip Cream -Kir Royale Review


Buxom lip glosses are “plumping” lip glosses.  They smell good, irritation a little and the color payoff is amazing. I, in reality, think that Kir Royale is a new color to the collection as well – however, I’m not too sure about that.

They’re nice! The frosty finish on the tube makes them feel a little more grown-up, and they’re massive, so you know you’re receiving a lot of product for your money. Here’s what the product asserts: “No shimmer or else glimmer—just creamy, decadent color, glass-smooth gloss, intoxicating shine, and renowned tingle for a gentle plumping effect. Condensed hyaluronic spheres infuse lips with the moisture while vitamins A and E aid to keep them supple, secure, and extra kissable.”


From the explanation, it sounds a lot like a more adult (and positively less-sticky) version of Juicy Tubes. That prickly sensation sounds just like Claire’s gloss, though, so it was a little apprehensive.

The shades themselves are all pretty sheer, as is the case with most glosses, but sheer color doesn’t make for good swatches, so here’s each shade after a few generous coats: Here’s the low-down on product, pre-application: 1) The baton applicator is pretty small, which isn’t always suitable when you’re trying to apply your gloss rapidly; and 2) the glosses smell very strongly of artificial cupcakes.

The sheer color is definitely pretty, and the shine. Though, this really feels similar to a lip gloss for the adults! The shiny finish is subtle and in some way natural, the color isn’t too in-your-face (however I didn’t try the orange shade, which could, definitely, be too much), and best of all, it’s not even a slighter bit sticky. I can certainly feel that there’s product on my lips, but I’m not anxious about my hair getting trapped in it on my walk home tonight. As shiny, glossy finishes are coming back into fashion, and I just don’t desire to be behind the times so everyone must have tried it.



It is a dark purple-y wine color.  But for the reason that it’s a lip gloss, it’s not hard to wear every day.  It also appears darker in the tube.



Cream finish, no sparkles.



It spread on a bit streakier than other buxom lip products.  But, the streaks are just obvious because of how dark this color is. It is considered that this would be the only “bad” part about this product.  If you have many lines on your lips, you might not like this.



This is a prodigious winter color! I’ve come to be a lot of use out of it, especially when I feel like my lips are excessively dry for lipstick but I still need to wear a darker/bolder lip color.  Since this is a lip gloss, the long-lasting power isn’t as much as a lipstick, but then again I still get the color payoff that I want.  I still want to acquire more colors from this line maybe Mai Tai or else Berry Blast next.

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