Best Makeup trends for Summer/ Spring 2015

The 2015 collections are in and as usual we don’t want you to miss out on what’s hot this Summer/Spring.  Read on to join in the glam world and ensure you fit in the current new rage!

  1. Lipstick

red-lipstick-skin-toneRed is the new in thing! From soft hues to loud bloody shades, red is the way to go! Accentuate those sexy lips with a light touch at the corners and a darker stain in the centre. Go ahead and use those fingers to dab in the colour to achieve that 3D perfect look.

Aiming for the bare minimum? Not a problem because nude is still in. A little shiny lip gloss for the nude look and you’re good to go.

  1. Eyes – Mascara

The clumpy doe-eyed look is back! No more smooth straight eyelash effects. Go crazy and make a statement with push up mascara to create the fat lash effect using clumped eye mascara

 Eye Shadow

Colour has come back with a bang. Experiment with pastel cream eyeshadows and match with the same shade on your eyebrows.  Another fun way to play with colour is to match eyeshadow colour with funky hair extensions of the same colour.

Eye Liner

Work those eyes with a bold application of black liner only halfway across your lower eyelid.  Play with the liner; apply it in any way that suits your mood. There’s no going wrong with eyeliner this season.

Tired of black? Go chic with stick on eye liners made of satin stickers or strips of plastic or fabric. Blue was the rage with Fendi but feel free to explore other colours.  Even a streak of lipstick across the eyelid will work for a bold loud look.


The days of heavy dark brows are gone! Bleached or thin almost invisible brows with a heavy winged effect have taken over.  Use black and go as winged as you dare.

  1. Skin

The wet look is the way to go this season for skin. Achieve that perfect dewy skin with moisturizer and glistening makeup.  Scatter a few fake freckles if you’d like and you’re ready to go. You want to aim for sweaty and a just out of the shower look.

  1. Ear Makeup

The seemingly new trend for ear makeup is growing on people. A little graphic liquid eye liner and you’re good to go. Go loud or start small.

  1. Glitter

Glitter has made its round this season. Work the glitter effect and achieve a beautiful classy look. A little glitter on the top, bottom and inner corner of your eyes will give you a fresh tantalizing shine and will accentuate your choice of your eye makeup. Even when you choose to go natural the glitter will help liven things up a little.

Dab a little glitter on the tips of your ears if you choose to use ear makeup. It will give the ears some shine and make your bold choice a little more noticeable.


Looks like it’s going to be an amazing new season as the new trends are spotted all over town. We’ll be back with the latest new trends as things evolve.