Airbrush Kit, Cordless Airbrush Makeup Kit, Portable Airbrush Gun with Compressor Kit, Handheld Spray Gun for Cake Decoration Art Painting Nail Design Model Coloring Tattoo Graffiti Graphic

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ღDeep moisturizing: It can improve the microcirculation of skin cells, effectively improve the dark yellow color and promote skin moisturizing beauty.
ღRestoring skin elasticity: After the surface cells are filled with enough water, the elasticity of the skin will be remodeled and the skin will be effectively tightened.
ღRefine pores: After skin moisture balance, the stratum corneum becomes soft and the skin texture is more uniform.
ღImprove the skin: After deep cleansing of the pores, moderate relaxation, which is conducive to the full absorption of skin care products, so that the maintenance effect is doubled.
❀Switch Mode:
❀1st step stage: low
❀2nd step stage:high
❀3rd step stage: OFF
❀Changing time: 1.5 hours
❀Using time after fully charge: Around 50 minutes
❀Dimension: 4.5*16*5.3cm
❀On charging time: red light
❀Full charged: Green light
❀Battery Capacity: 7.4V/800mAh
❀Voltage: 100V-240V
❀Maximum power rating: 6W
❀Material: ABS, COPPER, TPR
♪Package Includes:
√1 X Air Compressor
√1 X Adapter
√1 X Instruction Manual
√1 X Airbrush Gun
√1X 5ML Metal Cup
√1X 20MLCapacity Cup
❤This product is a airbrushs, used to help our makeup, skin care, nail art, tattoo, spray paint, pastries, clothing color, and so on, to make our lives more efficient, faster, and reduce the complexity, we will be responsible for the above application scenario testing, just different usage scenarios need to pay attention to adjust the size of the spray, spray, and material requirements (needs water soluble or dilution degrees in more than 65%)
❤Easy to install, just tighten the parts clockwise. One-button switch, two-step adjustment, showing different atomization effects. Rotate the end of the gun to adjust the density and volume of the spray. Use gas and liquid dual-channel molecular confluence technology, There is a steady flow of air when the switch is turned on. Equipped with three liquid storage tanks, 5ML metal cups and 20ML & 40ML transparent plastic cups.
❤Promote skin nutrient absorption, moisturizing and anti-aging] The water-oxygen spray can transform skin care products such as essence and smooth toner into the finest mist, instant high-pressure atomization, so that skin care nutrition is not lost, and it can quickly replenish nutrients to nourish the skin and improve The skin helps you achieve results.
❤Easy to portable: detachable design, easy to use and clean, small size, light weight, easy to carry, convenient for daily living or business travel. High capacity battery, USB charging and safe use without other side effects. After charging for about two hours, it can be used continuously for more than one hour. After charging, it can be used anywhere even without power supply.
❤Wide range of use: liquid can be used, thick liquid needs to be diluted, can be used for makeup, skin care, cake decoration, painting, commercial art, such as nail airbrush set, air brush painting kits, tattoo gun kit. Suitable for personal skincare, makeup artist, manicurist, tattoo artist, barber, painter. It’s a nice gift for family or friends.

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