Let’s imagine that we are going out on a date with the man of your dreams. Knowing that nothing can go obscene, you fall for the idea to pack your purse with some essential things. What would they be? Well, making your life easy we have come up with a solution of sharing 10 fundamental things in a lady’s purse. These things will not let you down under any circumstance and might help you in many ways. Why we have been careful while compiling the list is for one reason. We want you to think of nothing but think of ten things which will keep your skin and body protected.

  1. Lipstick and blush on:

What a lady needs? What a lady wants? Obviously it is praise and compliments. Wearing lipstick and blush-on can give a very complete look to a woman. If you are a working woman or just a student, in either case you have to have something kept in your purse which can give a fresh look.

  1. Wet wipes:

Wet wipes keep you free from sweat and its odor. it unbelievingly absorbs tiny droplets of perspiration and keeps you skin hydrated. While traveling you should have a small pack of wet wipes.

  1. Moisturizer:

To keep your skin moistened and soft it is better to keep both, wet wipes and moisturizing cream. At times, when you sit for long in a centrally air-conditioned room your skin gets dry. To avoid scales on it before getting old, moisturizing creams and lotions can become handy.

  1. Identity card:

Never forget to keep your identity card, passport’s duplicate copy and driving license. Why it is important is simple. It saves a lot of time and unseen complications.

  1. Cash/Plastic money:

Some cash, plastic money and change is one of the safest way to travel. It is good even if you are driving your own car. In case of emergency, these small things really help you to get on going without getting panicked.

  1. Note pad and a pen:

A note book or pad with a pencil is also necessary to be kept in the purse. It saves a lot of time and you don’t need to scribble on your hand. Information can be jotted in an organized way.

  1. Cellular phone:

Obviously duh!!! We all need to keep our phones in our purses. And we all know the reason why J

  1. Portable battery:

In case your phone’s battery dries up and you are in a middle of a road. What would you do? Instead of crying over something which you can’t help, wouldn’t it be better to insert phone into portable battery charger.

  1. Mints or chewing gums:

Keeping mints or gums in your purse doesn’t allow you to have bad breath. When you have bad breath it becomes worrisome. To avoid the situation, keep mints or gums in your purse.

  1. Keys:

Leaving behind keys, it’s a big NO NO!!! Be careful while packing up your purse. It is highly recommended to have all these things packed in a purse which you use commonly. These 10 fundamental things to keep in a purse will surely make your life easy and comfortable.